Bad Loft Boarding

Welcome to our bad loft boarding list

We do a lot of loft surveys each year and the majority are for new storage boarding, but we also get a lot of home owners who have had loft boarding done in the past and after reading our website they become concerned that their loft boarding has not been done correctly!

Unfortunately there are lots of cowboys and generally people setting up as a loft boarding company who really have no clue and no skills in the building industry. These people give everyone a bad reputation because they are making a complete mess of people loft spaces and homes.

Incorrectly boarding a loft can be dangerous and can also cause issues in the not to distant future like structural defects, condensation and damp issues.

Like every aspect of the building trade there are rules that apply. Building regulations were introduced to set out a standard set of rules in all aspects of the building industry for all to work by. But as we all know, some choose to ignore them completely and that's when you end up with bad quality work and jobs like the ones we have taken photos of below.

The majority of loft boarding companies, the professional ones will know the rules that apply and work to building regulations.
Simple things apply like loft floor strengthening, supporting sub-frames, extra supporting hangers for the ceiling joists, not cutting through structural timbers and not removing or squashing insulation.
Building a raised supporting sub-frame for the storage floor to be built on is very important. This raised floor can create a void for insulation, electrical cables, lighting spots, plumbing pipe work and ventilation pipes, solar panel cables, networking cables and so on so nothing will be trapped or squashed and air can continue to circulate around you loft as its meant to do.

Here are some of the photos of bad loft boarding we have come across or been asked to make a report on for Trading Standards or Insurance claims

Warning: Before letting anyone in your home to do work make sure they are registered with a local authority scheme like Safe Trader run by Trading Standards or Guild of Master Craftsmen's or similar. Be aware these "recommend a builder" or "rated traders" websites can sometimes have fake feedback so get some real references and contact numbers from their previous customers just to be sure.
Never give a deposit or any money up front for any reason as there are fraudsters working in the Northwest and around the UK so be on full alert with tradesmen. Ask for ID and only accept a written quote on letter headed paper.

Here's how to check out if a trader is reputable in Lancashire LCC Safe Trader Scheme

Unsupported boarded - flooring could go through Insulation removed and pushed in to eaves
A prime example of a cowboys job, lazy cheap boarding
Bad Loft Boarding
Danger! Electrical cables squashed
Very clever isn't it, this could potentially kill someone
Bad Loft Boarding
Once again Insulation removed and boarded to joists
What a mess, and someone actually paid for this
Bad Loft Boarding
Insufficient support and not raised high enough
Insulation been removed as well, bad boarding
Bad Loft Boarding
Bad installers shoving all the insulation in the eaves
They even asked the customer to throw away the rest
Bad Loft Boarding
Loose boards resting on top of the insulation
No wonder the ceilings were cracking
Bad Loft Boarding
Again boards just laid on top of the insulation
There is damp under these boards
Bad Loft Boarding
Insufficient support wedge hanging out not fixed
You could quite easily go through this board
Bad Loft Boarding
Dangerous combination of electrics pipes and ladder
You can even see the ladder marks on the pipes
Bad Loft Boarding

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