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Don't risk using your loft for storage without having it professionally boarded first!

This is the time of year when everyone starts to get out their Christmas trees and decorations and spend a weekend titivating their homes in preparation for the festive season.
The first job is to dig out those step ladders from the garage and set them up so you can access your loft.
Now you are starting to realise how much hassle this is going to be once again, as the memories from last years performance of getting in and out of the loft safely, begin to appear.
Reaching up, climbing on the door architrave and heaving yourself into the loft off the very short step ladders is just the first obstacle.
Now you need a light so you can see what you are doing up there. Realising you have no batteries so have to climb down again and nip to the shop to get some. Once you are finally in the loft, you have to walk around like you are trying to avoid stepping on something you shouldn't, or should I say stepping on somewhere you shouldn't.
You know it! One slip, one missed footing and through the ceiling you go. Not what you need at this time of year. Hours and hours in casualty and then crutches for the next few months, or worse still, hospitalised.
Why struggle? Why risk it? Loft Boarding NW can create a safe, strong, easily accessible loft storage solution in no time at all and, from as little as £350 all in.
Yes okay, there are people advertising on Facebook, lamp posts, leaflets through the door who can hopefully do this service for just a couple of hundred quid. We know, and we also know what they have to leave out, cut corners on, just to give you those underestimated prices. If you are going to have your loft boarded, get it done by a professional company whose installers are qualified, insured and are a company who specialise in this field.
Don't choose (in it for the beer money) cowboys.
Incorrectly boarding your loft could be very dangerous and most importantly, will destroy your energy rating to less than a quarter.
Some things you buy can be cheaper than others, but when you are dealing with creating a safe strong platform in your loft over a very delicate ceiling, you cannot cut corners. Its one hell of a fall if you go through, and the cost of repair is expensive. You don't need this anytime of the year, let alone at Christmas.

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